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"Thicket by thicket and wetland by wetland, we were losing the Greater Golden Horseshoe's remaining wilderness and diversity of life. The greenbelt is stopping the loss of natural features and the species they host."
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"The event has grown in reputation and stature. At this point it's just one of those things you do in the spring in our community."
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"We have such great cooperation from all areas. From Madison Metro to the police departments. We work with medical people at the university to make sure it's a safe event. The W Club has been fantastic in providing the marketing support. They maintain the Web site and we have a great Web site. The event has just gotten better and better over the years."
"They are old documents. My impression was it was not privileged information or marked confidential. If all they need is an apology, boy, I'm sorry."
"They were very good, but we felt we should be interviewing people a step above them. They weren't of the caliber of people we felt we needed . . . to run this position."
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