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Joseph Battipaglia Quotes

9 Joseph Battipaglia quotes:

"The market is struggling for new direction. Each new piece of information on the economy is giving mixed signals,"
"The enthusiasm investors have for stocks that have rallied us back to record levels will continue in place for the future and now that technology stocks are starting to run again, ... It's only going to add more fuel to the fire."
"The big-cap technology leaders are doing reasonably well, ... I still believe technology companies will provide leadership. They will be followed alongside by pharmaceuticals and financials."
"One of the most extraordinary things about technology stocks is that they're the first ones to crack under any pressure in the marketplace. Investors wax from enthusiasm to extreme distress very quickly with that group more than any other."
"The market can correct here and work its way down to 7,500. But it's all in the context of proper valuations and a broadening process that will include small and mid-cap stocks."
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"I think gold is not the right place to be right now. The dollar and U.S. Treasuries are now the safety valves."
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"I'd say we're doing very well, all things considered, ... Clearly, there is more money available out there, when even sectors that are fairly stretched, like tech and banks, are doing well today."
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"I'd have to see some significant production cuts and some pain from the producers before I would even take a nibble at it."
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"Technology is becoming the primary consumable."

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