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Scott Hoyt Quotes

7 Scott Hoyt quotes:

"For lower-income folks who would have financed [the purchase] anyway, it's saving them money. And for higher-income folks, why not?"
Author: Hoyt Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Clearly, malls continue to struggle. Consumers are focused on easy in and easy out."
Author: Hoyt Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"Low interest rates and rampant house price appreciation have really been driving borrowing. As long-term rates finally start to rise, the pace of debt accumulation will slow."
Author: Hoyt Quotes Category: Appreciation Quotes
"The raises in interest rates will reduce the willingness and ability of consumers to continue their pace of borrowing. This is both directly -- through the cost of debt -- and indirectly -- because it's likely to slow house price appreciation."
Author: Hoyt Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"People feel rich because of their real estate. If they can meet their wealth accumulation goals just by watching their houses appreciate, why save?"
Author: Hoyt Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"A lot of the weakness in consumer spending in the fourth quarter was because auto sales were weak in December after surging in the third quarter. It's important to look beyond auto sales. At least for the first quarter, it's not going to take much for consumer spending to look good."
Author: Hoyt Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Retail sales posted stunning results."
Author: Hoyt Quotes Category: Sales Quotes

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