Hitoshi Yamamoto Quotes

5 Hitoshi Yamamoto quotes:

"When a catastrophic event happens, such as the Hurricane Katrina, there is always rebuilding demand after the disaster and that tends to be reflected in stock prices."
Author: Yamamoto Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"There's increasing diversity in consumer demand. Automakers have to respond."
Author: Yamamoto Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"(The takeover) helps us to anticipate future restructuring in the retail sector. For example, we cannot imagine that rival Aeon will not do anything after this."
Author: Yamamoto Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Most members at Japanese golf courses are corporate, so investing in a golf-course stock is like investing in Japan's economy. Still, the number of players isn't growing, so some courses are having to cut fees to attract players, squeezing profits."
Author: Yamamoto Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"Technology shares here got a lift from strong gains in the Nasdaq index as many investors here regard this sector as having lagged last year."

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