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"We think that by leveraging the newspaper's ability to reach 100,000 people every day, we'll really be able to direct a large portion of our main news site to this community site, thereby increasing [reader] participation,"
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"When you win a game in dramatic fashion, it kind of re-energizes you,"
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes
"When those guys have the lead, they smell blood. No one expected anything from us."
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"We're looking for more consistency out of our team. I think that a lot of guys are still coming in with a little chip on their shoulder because you hear that it was a fluke, it was a terrible division. We're out to prove that we can do it again."
"We've talked about having a swagger. But when you play .350 baseball, or whatever we played, you can't tell yourself to have that swagger. You have to go out there and produce to have it. When you show you can come back and get big hits, then it shows that it's possible. I think it definitely snowballs."
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"I think last year in the World Series, they did some things that were out of character for them, as far as executing. They didn't seem like the same team as this year. They're very relaxed. You just can't really see any weaknesses in that team."
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"The funny thing is that new guys who come into the organization who question whether she's adequate enough as far as strength, she rectifies that in a hurry. There's many guys that aren't repeat customers because of that."
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"He's such a dynamic player. He makes everybody better. He's like our Magic Johnson."
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