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Ryan Toohey Quotes

6 Ryan Toohey quotes:

"The real insult to New Yorkers is denying that serious problems exist."
Author: Toohey Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Eliot is not in favor of this revision to the penal code. When David agreed to be Eliot's running mate, we knew they wouldn't be in lockstep agreement with each other. That's part of how good relationships work."
Author: Toohey Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"It positions us strongly to run a great race for the next 10 and a half months."
Author: Toohey Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"For seven years now, from Wall Street to public corruption to big drug companies, no one in this state has done more to stand up to special interests and the status quo than Eliot Spitzer."
Author: Toohey Quotes Category: Corruption Quotes
"Eliot Spitzer and his campaign are not giving orders to Joe Bruno and to suggest we are is completely laughable."
Author: Toohey Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"We continue to see great support for the attorney general all around the state from a variety of donors, and we feel this positions him to run the kind of issues-based, energetic campaign we've planned on."
Author: Toohey Quotes Category: Support Quotes

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