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"We're going to do things somewhat differently. I kind of like the old-fashioned, kind of the college philosophy, in the weight room. ... We're not going to totally go crazy, go over the edge with these guys. But we certainly want to train them, get them ready, so they can be in the best possible shape once we hit camp."
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"Very serious. Whether you like it or not, or if it makes sense on paper, it's hard to get your hands on players that can be great in this business. We feel strongly enough about one of those guys and if he's there and falls wherever he falls, I think that it is a big possibility that we'll take one. I'm not just saying that as a smoke screen, they are what they are and you can't deny that."
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"The rage now is to bring into the league these power forwards. This one's going to be interesting. You'd like him to be a blocking tight end that maybe can be a receiver."
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"It sounds kind of simple, but it is. We'll establish the running game, but sometimes you set up a great running game with a great passing game. I think it is similar to a lot of the things you've seen here before. You'll see different wrinkles."
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"That throwing motion thing is way overrated. I think your anticipation and your ability to get the ball in the receiver's hands is the key more so than the motion. He's a proven player and I think he's a guy who can go help whoever takes him and be very effective. He's proven it."
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"Not only is he getting his hands on balls in coverage, but he's getting there and making that quarterback claustrophobic when he (blitzes). So he's a pretty complete guy."
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"He's certainly got the build for it. He's a big body that can be very explosive and play that position. I think our defensive coaches are creative enough to pull that off."
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"We would never do anything like that. You know what's funny about that? It's virtually impossible to do that with the speed of the game, and how you've got to call the (offensive) plays."
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"It's an honor to be (a candidate). I'm excited about being here. They'll be evaluating a lot of things. Obviously, I'm an offensive guy, and we'll talk about what might be implemented. We have a lot to look at on the other side of the ball and special teams, too."
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"He's probably one of the most exciting guys I've seen in recent memory. He's a two-headed monster with the things he can do, and he can do the same things at the next level. He changes the game just by being on the field."
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"Even though there was a cut that was made, it doesn't mean in my mind that we're not going to get a deal done. So I feel very positive about resuming talks, and getting that uniform back on our guy. We'll do everything we can to make that happen."
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"I think one of the things we wanted to address was our ability to line up toe-to-toe with some of these people that get into these two tight end sets and run the ball at you."
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"Obviously, budgets are tight in schools and it's hard to get your hands on equipment like this."
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"No question. I think he's right in the mix, right away. His only issue last year was he got hurt in practice."
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"It was a stroke of luck that we were able to get Jim. We won't have him for long. He'll be a head coach in this league again."
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"From an offensive perspective, that's the hardest thing to prepare for - a team that can line up in 3-4 one down and then turn around and line up in a 4-3 the next down. That's a very effective scheme, and that's hopefully something we can present to our team to be able to utilize."
"He'll do really, really, really well. He's a great coach."
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"It's like giving up a dog or something. I can't give that away."
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"I'm an old quarterback. Red is like hands-off. Gold is like, 'Hey, it is a quarterback. Don't tackle him.' Treat them like gold. I don't know if that is it. I just like the color better."
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"I think that has a lot to do with a persona that kind of wills the team. His teammates respond to his leadership. I think that's kind of what separates him from a lot of the people in the draft."

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