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"Our focus is on continuing to work with Congress to move forward on this issue. The lines of communication are open. There are members who have concerns. We believe it's important to work with Congress to address those concerns, and find a way forward."
"The lines of communication are open."
"We have a commitment to help meet the immediate needs of those who have suffered. And we have a commitment to help the people of the region rebuild their lives and rebuild their communities, and help them by supporting a locally inspired vision for the longer-term rebuilding."
"to follow through on the president's commitment to determine what went wrong, what went right and lessons learned."
"the president made a commitment to give seniors help with their prescription drug costs and modernize health care and he delivered on that commitment."
"The President expressed our strong commitment to NAFTA."
"They had a very good discussion about some of our common priorities. Both share a deep commitment to combating AIDS , preventing malaria and expanding trade to lift people out of poverty."
"President Abbas is a leader who has expressed his commitment to peace and his commitment to moving forward based on the one law, one authority, one gun principle. And the president and President Abbas had a good discussion about that last week."
"We reached out to all those officials and they had another commitment."
"The prime minister expressed Canada's concerns about the issue of softwood lumber. The president expressed our strong commitment to NAFTA."
"The president also reiterated our commitment to continuing helping the rescue and relief efforts."
"The president made a very strong commitment, and we're following through on that commitment. He has visited the Gulf Coast a number of times, as have a number of our Cabinet secretaries and other high-ranking officials in the administration, and we will continue to visit the Gulf Coast region."
"The president made a very strong commitment, and we're following through on that commitment."
"The president looks forward to discussing their shared commitment to strengthen and transform the alliance to meet current and future threats and to enhance the transatlantic partnership."
"We expect the government of Nigeria to fulfill this commitment."
"We welcome President Chen's reaffirmation of his administration's commitment to cross-strait peace and stability, and Taiwan's commitment to the pledges that President Chen made in his inaugural address to not unilaterally alter the status quo in the Taiwan Strait."
"We have an immigration problem in this country, and the president has outlined a common sense and practical way to fix the system. We need to take a comprehensive look at it."
"The campaign had talked to the president of the college prior to the speech to let him know that the vice president would be talking about these important issues."
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"Tomorrow's visit is another way for the president to show the nation's support and compassion for the victims and our appreciation for those who are helping with the ongoing rescue and recovery efforts."
"The president said, 'You've got to vote your conscience."

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