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Greg Sullivan Quotes

6 Greg Sullivan quotes:

"We'll never be done fighting the security fight. But we've made a lot of significant changes underneath the covers in terms of security."
"I think we're starting to get it. We're living in a different world than five or 10 years ago. And there's incredible value in the feedback we get from the broad developer community."
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"It's a tough one. One thing you've got to put in perspective for the team is that you've got to finish the game. I don't think [our guys] really gripped how fast a game can change. It's a tough learning experience to go through."
"Windows makes it really easy to pick whatever software you want to use and whatever service you want to use, ... We're really focused on addressing the needs of our customers and developing a platform that all of our partners can build on, and add value to, to provide the greatest customer choice."
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"This is an incredibly oil-rich country, and eventually money and resources are not going to be a problem. The long-term goals we're pretty confidant Iraq can meet as long as it gets enough of a head start."
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"This has been an ongoing design goal of ours,"
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