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Joe Thomas Quotes

6 Joe Thomas quotes:

"I'm going to run and get my head to the outside and try to reach whoever the contain man is. If he plays so far outside that you can't hook him, then you've just got to kick him outside as far as you can to spread the hole."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"From an air quality impact, there are definitely going to be benefits."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"It's never sad. It's always upbeat. You want to dance to it. It's fun — that's what it's all about."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"There's a lack of disclosure in the city, information about where our funding is going, actual costs. I think those things need to be opened up."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"as good at their positions as anyone in the country."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"We're not sure Steve (Champlin) will be ready so that's why we threw different kids in different events. I'm very pleased with the way the kids performed. I wanted to see what the kids could do for the county meet."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Events Quotes

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