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"What a great preparatory environment for postseason play. We're going to get all the energy and passion and emotion from an Elite Eight game that sends you to the Final Four or the atmosphere of a Final Four. It will be absolutely alive in there."
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"I think that Baylor is clearly — and you guys gave me all kinds of grief for saying this during Big 12 play — but clearly they are the second-best team in the league. They finished in second place and they separated themselves, is my point, from the guys that where behind them."
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"You don't think you're going to win by that kind of margin going into the Sweet 16. More than sending a message to other teams, it sends a message to us."
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"[Reunion] was so loud you couldn't even speak. [Saturday], during free throws you didn't want to have a conversation or chew your popcorn because everybody next to you could hear it. This is a beautiful arena, but it's really big. ... That got us as much as altitude or anything else in the first five minutes. We were just waiting for some juice."
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"She guarded, she came up with rebounds, she managed the game — she did all the things a premier point guard can do. I tell you, she runs the show."
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"This atmosphere and this environment was the best possible preparation we could have for the NCAA tournament."
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"If we know we've got one graduating, we're looking for another one. It's like getting a point guard or a shooter. It's a kid with an edge. You have to have some of that."
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"The Big 12 Conference lost a lot of talented players to graduation, but there are a lot of new names. It's kind of a changing of the guard. It is a very talented freshman group."
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"If you can survive all that heat, you can exploit on the back side. Gary knows that. It's a risk he takes."
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"Without a doubt, she's changed the complexion of everything."
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"You have to be at least aware of, if not afraid of, all the pieces. All year, our strength has been the number of people who can get the job done."
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"I think one of the things that make a player so special and so dominant is their ability to make everybody around them better. And, as you saw on several occasions today, Courtney did that."
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"The absence of Marsha on the Texas Tech sideline is a blow to the university, it's a blow to our conference and it's a blow to women's basketball. It has been an honor and a privilege to coach against Marsha for the past years."
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"The absence of Marsha on the Texas Tech sideline is a blow to the university, it's a blow to our conference, and it's a blow to women's basketball."
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"After 30 days of practice and three wins now, it was not something I expected. I was very surprised there was a lack of poise from particularly my point guards."
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"I wouldn't say it left a bad taste in my mouth. But I felt like it negated our ability to send a really resounding message to anybody who might be in our path as we head to our ultimate goal."
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