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Rafer Alston Quotes

9 Rafer Alston quotes:

"It comes down to sticking with our game plan, not getting away from the things we know we need to ? that's continuing to find Yao, and keeping our turnovers down. When we turn the ball over and we're not getting the ball to Yao, letting him create shots for us as they double team and if they don't double, letting him score, we're just giving away the game. We were right there. We should have played the game the same way we did in the (first) half."
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"You can call it disappointing or frustrating, whatever you call it, but no one understands the nature of not having your guys, especially the guys you count on to play the bulk of the minutes and take the bulk of the shots. Whenever one came back, the other went out. We never had a full season playing with the nucleus we envisioned."
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"It shows how much he cares, how much pride and courage he has. A lot of guys would say, 'I have a cracked rib,' and pack it in. He keeps going out there."
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"We have to find a way to shoot better at home. We have to have more intensity and more energy and less mistakes."
Author: Alston Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"It's tough, but I think we're making it tough on ourselves. We're giving up fast-break points, we're letting guys do whatever they want to do on the floor."
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"When (Jalen) comes over here, I’m going to give him a kiss. Not on his lips, though."
"When (Jalen) comes over here, Im going to give him a kiss. Not on his lips, though."
"Regret? ... I just regret getting into situations. Because it's unlike me. I'm a guy who just loves to leave it on the floor, have a jolly old time playing basketball ... that's the great thing that everyone understands about me I'm going to play hard no matter what."
Author: Alston Quotes Category: Regret Quotes
"We just weren't prepared to go into the battle, and I think that's one thing about, not just sports, but life. You have to prepare yourself and we just weren't prepared."
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