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"But I love seeing good ideas and people who have the courage to back them up,"
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"I was surprised that he'd commit suicide. I always thought he'd go out in a blaze of glory."
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"Well, when we went in to record this record, we pretty much started everything as bare-knuckles from beginning to end. Nothing was completely written at all. Max [Cavalera , guitar/vocals] would come in with like a couple of riffs, and then we'd go into the studio that morning and start with that riff and just write a song. And we gave each individual song on the record that kind of attention. That was a pretty cool way that we recorded the new record. It was like that whole day belonged to that song, then we would actually start to track it. So it wasn't preconceived or nothing like that. Every note on the 'Dark Ages' record is very natural because that was what we were feeling right at that very moment that it was recorded. And as far as recording myself, personally, I was like the late-night guy. I really hate doing stuff during the day, especially recording. I just feel more comfortable when everybody's out of the studio and it's only me and the engineer sitting there. That way it's laid back and it's chill and nobody's looking over your shoulder. I feel like I'm more creative, personally, that way. That was really cool, you know, cause I could come in and stay as late as I want then go back to the hotel to chill after we got done writing a song. Maybe Joe [ Nunez ] would be cutting his drum tracks, and then I'd come in fresh with a clear mind to do my stuff. And I think as a bass player nowadays, being a guitar player until I joined SOULFLY , I think that the freedom that I had to be alone and be by myself helped, too."
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