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12 George Tenet quotes:

"This did not rise to the level of certainty which should be required for presidential speeches, and CIA should have ensured that it was removed,"
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"this is the largest release of formerly classified CIA documents ever. It reflects my commitment to be as forward-leaning as possible in releasing information that with the passage of time no longer needs to be protected."
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"I'm in the middle of a big debate,"
Author: Tenet Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"still dedicated to striking the U.S. homeland."
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"We know that they will continue to plan, ... We know that they will hurt us again. We have to minimize, we have to minimize, we have to minimize their ability to do so because there is no perfection in this business."
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"By no stretch of the imagination am I going to tell you that I've solved all the problems of the community in terms of integrating and in lashing it up, ... But we've made an enormous amount of progress."
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"raised several concerns about the fragmentary nature of the intelligence with National Security Council colleagues. Some of the language was changed."
"Let me say this. I'm the Director of -- I'm the Director of Central Intelligence. The President of the United States sees me six days a week, every day. I tell him what the American intelligence community believes,"
"rendered 70 terrorists to justice."
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"lawless zones, veritable no man's lands ... where extremist movements find shelter and can win the breathing space to grow."
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"If one side does something, and the other side does something within the span of a security meeting, we can say we are into Tenet."
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"The background ... makes it even more troubling that the 16 words eventually made it into the State of the Union speech, ... This was a mistake."
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