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James McCormack Quotes

9 James McCormack quotes:

"The combined growth and external sector strengths allow Chinese policy makers to better address the country's structural economic challenges, and they have been taking the opportunity to do so."
Author: McCormack Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"When you've got credit growth that already exceeds (gross domestic product growth), that's a lot of new credit."
Author: McCormack Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"You don't see much opposition to her policy initiatives. I think it's more of a power struggle than a policy struggle."
Author: McCormack Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"The more of these events there are, inevitably the weaker she becomes. Surviving a crisis in leadership doesn't necessarily strengthen a leader."
Author: McCormack Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"There are clear improvements in the banking sector, for example, where the legacy of directed lending is slowly giving way to a more market-based allocation of credit supported by the involvement of foreign strategic investors."
Author: McCormack Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Notwithstanding ongoing regional integration with China, growth in Asia remains highly leveraged to external demand, and particularly the US consumer, whom we believe to be overstretched."
Author: McCormack Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"The fruit of previous investment is being reflected in the slower import figures, and that's good for medium-term growth."
Author: McCormack Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"This will allow the government debt/GDP ratio to continue its downward trajectory, alleviating pressure on sovereign credit worthiness as debt ratios gradually compare more favorably with rating peer group medians."
Author: McCormack Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"So if the effective interest rate on Philippines government debt goes up, it just takes more of their revenues to service their debts, so these are issues that really do need to be addressed."
Author: McCormack Quotes Category: Debt Quotes

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