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7 Jacques Santini quotes:

"We have a strong spirit and humility in the team."
Author: Santini Quotes Category: Humility Quotes
"It was a strange game, all the best chances came from similar situations and all the goals came from set pieces. We got the victory and I congratulate my players. But it took two teams to make it a great match."
Author: Santini Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"Some people are expecting us to win all our matches by two or three goals because we are the title holders. This cannot happen."
Author: Santini Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"The French group is caught up in these contradictory opinions, some of them surprising as they come from the inside, and has been weakened before this exciting and crucial competition -- Euro 2004,"
Author: Santini Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"There were recruitment problems. Perhaps it had not been thought through at the start who was going to deal with recruitment. I thought it was me."
Author: Santini Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"There will always be leaders in this team to show us the way."
"Of course we were disappointed because we were planning to rest some of our players for the third match,"
Author: Santini Quotes Category: Planning Quotes

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