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"Charlie's leadership was pivotal in our drive to increase productivity in every part of Lilly. His ability to transform our organization and raise the bar in every area of performance has been invaluable. His dedication to leadership development is also evident. He leaves behind a strong bench of valued leaders who add value throughout the company."
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"Whether they are patients needing access to affordable health care or survivors of a disaster, we do our best to ensure that people in need are not forgotten. Our founders established these values nearly 130 years ago, and we live by them today."
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"I think there is an overall unreasonable expectation right now that there is such a thing as a risk-free drug."
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"Our strong bottom-line results in the first quarter reflect the execution on our commitment to grow sales at a faster rate than our expenses."
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"Now that we've done all this, our destiny is in our hands. It's up to us to perform. This new structure will help us better execute our strategy."
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"Through Charlie's leadership, we have built a world-class financial organization and strengthened Lilly's reputation for sound financial operations, transparency in our financial reporting, and strong internal controls."
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"Through Charlie's leadership, we have built a world-class financial organization and strengthened Lilly's reputation for sound financial operations."
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"We deeply regret the 1998 conduct, which has resulted in a federal misdemeanor charge. We take seriously our responsibilities to abide by all the laws governing our business practices and are committed to ensuring our employees' actions reflect the highest legal and ethical standards of conduct. Although the government has not charged Lilly with any unlawful intent, we will continue to take steps designed to assure that Lilly's promotional activities remain fully compliant."
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"With nearly two months of Prozac sales data available, the erosion in prescriptions is the most severe ever for a blockbuster product in our industry,"
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"Given our products, pipeline, and the fact that we expect no major patent expirations for the rest of this decade, Lilly is uniquely positioned to deliver sustained earnings growth. For 2006, we anticipate earnings per share of $3.10 to $3.20, which represents 8% to 12% growth compared with expected 2005 adjusted earnings. This growth rate is nearly double the average Wall Street consensus forecast for large-cap pharmaceutical companies."
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"As our product line continues to become more diversified, we have become less dependent on Prozac performance. Major products introduced in the last five years accounted for fully one-third of our sales in 1999 and had a combined growth rate of 41 percent during the year."
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