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Jeff Wallace Quotes

6 Jeff Wallace quotes:

"With the increasing volatility in the gas and coal markets, it makes good sense to consider nuclear power as an option to expand our generating fleet."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"This program is a great opportunity for students as well as parents to be educated on education debt. We are here to help students and parents figure everything out."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"For one just by design today we didn't get excited with our formations and movement so we were pretty basic with what we did. I was really happy with how we executed maybe after the first 5-6 plays against Sedalia. Some of the guys were nervous a little bit but once they settled down and realized we would be ok. Eric (Douglas) is a heck of a player and Kolby (Hurt) had a nice couple of runs. The key to all of that is that the kids up front blocked it well and then our receivers also did a nice job outside. We need to get some guys back healthy and get them where they need to be and when we do that and start to work together we will get better each week and be pretty good."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"What did we do? We put our university in the middle of a single-family residential area. It's the strangest zoning I've ever seen."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"As much energy as I thought we had a week ago we had that less amount of energy tonight. We just weren't focused on what we needed to do. We didn't block anybody all night long. We had coverage bust again. We just made a ton of errors. Either we are going to simplify what we are doing or we are going to have to change some personnel. It's going to be a long weekend for the coaching staff as we have some decisions to make."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"It was something I felt was right. I had an unbelievable experience and nothing but great memories."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Experience Quotes

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