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"What it really does [if you're a player] is it gives you an ability to play more. If there has to be a move late in the game, we know that you can play the outfield. Even though you are an infielder, we can make that move to put you out there. The more positions you play, the more opportunity there is to play. And I think these guys know that, and it gives these guys a lot of versatility as far as moves go."
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"[Tom Foley, of Concerned Citizens for Responsible Growth, said people in Plumas Lake are in danger from flooding due to shaky levees - just like in New Orleans.] It's like a big wake-up call, I guess, ... We don't need to have it happen up here."
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"The creditors could accelerate the debt, say the whole thing is payable today and that would be a liquidation scenario for the company and could precipitate a bankruptcy filing."
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"These guys are busting their chops. They're really going after it. And when they're not taking ground balls, they're in the outfield playing balls off the bat. [On Monday], Luis Ordaz was soaked to the bone running after balls in the outfield. So, yeah, they're working at it. They know what that means. They know what Joe wants and expects. It's just helping them."
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"They tried everything they could and had no choice but to put him down, which was a great pity."
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"When people talk about a person's legacy, they talk about personal qualities, about the character of a person. Lloyd had those. But he had an effect on people's lives. The lives of a lot of people are better for his work."
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"He has made improvement. If he believes he's ready that's another step for him. He has to believe he can play. The confidence is a big part of the big leagues no matter what level you're at. If he believes that, it's a great attitude."
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"We have 160 jitneys that can carry 13 passengers each. School buses are in our plans ... and five trains in the railroad system with the capability of moving 500 to 1,000 people."
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