Remy De Gourmont Quotes

6 Remy De Gourmont quotes:

"Nothing exists except by virtue of a disequilibrium, an injustice. All existence is a theft paid for by other existences; no life flowers except on a cemetery."
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"The whole effort of a sincere man is to erect his personal impressions into laws."
"If the secret of being a bore is to tell all, the secret of pleasing is to say just enough to be --not understood, but divined."
"Science is the only truth and it is the great lie. It knows nothing, and people think it knows everything. It is misrepresented. People think that science is electricity, automobilism, and dirigible balloons. It is something very different. It is life devouring itself. It is the sensibility transformed into intelligence. It is the need to know stifling the need to live. It is the genius of knowledge vivisecting the vital genius."
"Women still remember the first kiss after men have forgotten the last."
"Simple ideas lie within the reach only of complex minds."

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