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"In 1994 there was virtually no chance we were going to reach an agreement without a work stoppage, ... They were talking about a salary cap and we weren't. In this negotiating we've been talking about virtually the same thing. It's sometimes a difference in philosophy on how to reach certain goals."
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"You're looking at a game of more and more power pitchers, and quite honestly, you got to figure those guys are more susceptible to getting hurt. It'll be interesting to see how many of those guys are able to pitch long enough to even come close to having a chance to do it."
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"He carried himself with a lot of passion, and he had an infectious personality, so he's going to be missed. You hate seeing something like that, obviously, at such a young age and seemingly in the prime of his life ."
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"We can. I've said all along, our talent is equal to that of any team in this race. We just have to do it."
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"With three balls, Willie told me to put him on. That took care of it for me. I was intent on trying to make pitches and get back. ... Regardless of what his numbers say, he's still capable of doing a lot of things. He's the guy you don't want beating you."
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"I like to be in a position of helping people. I find it very humbling that, simply by playing baseball, I'm in position to help so many people. I never take that for granted."
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"I didn't get the benefit of any calls in the first. Having been through this so many times in this park, you don't worry about it."
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"It's just the environment that we're in right now. There's a lot of people who still don't want to believe that the program we have in place is a good program, and that it's going to work. They're just trying to find a way to shoot holes in it."
"I don't feel the anxiety I felt in my first start for the Mets, ... Obviously, that game wasn't as important in the standings as [tonight's] game."
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"I don't like going to young players and forcing myself on them with advice because they get it all the time. But, if someone asked I'd help them anyway I could. When they approach you, you know they want to learn."
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"We gave him grief about everything. We always got on him about his physique, which is less than intimidating. How he'd dress sometimes. All that stuff. He was fair game. He played the game, and he gave it back. That was part of the great thing there, for the three of us to be able to be teammates as long as we were, to form a great friendship. Nowadays in baseball, that's hard to do."
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"I was tired (in the fifth). Striking a lot of guys out is hard work. I realized in the fifth I didn't have a lot of ground outs."
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"You don't always expect them to get excited about anything to do with school, but they do,"
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"It might have been their birthdays. I gave them each a gift."
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"We need to wipe away as much doubt about this as we possibly can. Anything we can do to take away people's suspicions, we need to do that."
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"It stinks that we lost and it stinks that one of our buddies got hurt."
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"If there was ever any ... question about what kind of player he was going to be, it was on the offensive side of the ball. There was always a feeling that offensively, he was capable of putting up monster numbers."
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"It's a complete reversal. It's certainly something we want to continue to do, but we have had some problems last year winning on the road, and that's something we have to do something about."
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"We were running out of outs. You don't get a lot of opportunities."
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"I don't feel the anxiety I felt in my first start for the Mets. Obviously, that game wasn't as important in the standings as [tonight's] game."
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