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Ryan Miller Quotes

6 Ryan Miller quotes:

"They're still so talented when they're dancing down the ice."
"I'm disappointed it worked out this way. The Olympics are a great honor, and I'm sorry I'm probably going to miss out on it. I'm just moving forward with my career, and I think I'm on a good path right now."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"They're a pretty intense crowd. J.P.'s laying on the ice, visibly in pain and they're giving it to him. That's just the nature of the city. They're not going to take any prisoners."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"We're in a funk for whatever reason. We got to put the joy back in our game."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Joy Quotes
"It feels good to be recognized as a potential athlete, we'll see how it turns out. There's still another week and there's some time during the games where I could head over there and I'd be thrilled to do it, but I'm just going to concentrate on the next three games and a little break, and if the Olympics comes up, I'll be happy."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"That's something we take pride in. It's just implied now. I don't even think we have to mention it. We wanted to come back and just play hard."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Pride Quotes

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