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25 Tom Harkin quotes:

"It's hard to believe the objective is better service when on its face, this plan to shutter nearly a fourth of Iowa's county offices will lead to more driving, greater inconvenience and less service,"
Author: Harkin Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"Shuttering nearly a fourth of the FSA offices in Iowa can only lead to more inconvenience and less service for Iowans."
Author: Harkin Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"She was a citizen in the best sense of the word. She caused things to happen in our society that made us a better, more caring, more just society."
Author: Harkin Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"If we can have a real recount in every county, it may take a few weeks, but it's worth it."
Author: Harkin Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"Alarm bells must be rung, ... The warning signs are there and we have to start preparing. The time for planning and thinking about it is past. We have to do something immediately."
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