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"We put a value on everybody, and we look at a player's ability and what players are going to be doing down the road. The system we use - sooner or later, somebody is going to get their feelings hurt."
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"The way college football has been going, most of our strong-side linebackers are projected as defensive ends in the draft. Those guys are going to go a lot earlier than they have in the past. We see them as linebackers, but by the same token, they're not a wash at defensive end."
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"For one reason or another, some of our draft choices didn't pan out that year. But some of these other [free-agent] guys did. In some cases, we kept the free agents over the draft choices. We could have kept the draft picks just to save face. But we really liked a lot of these guys, and they've helped us."
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"I think the size thing is a little bit overrated in running backs. Everybody says, 'Well, we need a big back.' Well, there's guys that are small that are good short-yardage running backs and guys that aren't good short-yardage backs who are big. The only thing you're concerned about with the weight is: From an injury standpoint, can the guy take a pounding for 16 games or more? That's what you're really concerned about."
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"We had [Justice] in here and he explained everything. We talked to him."
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