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"It shows we can beat a quality team. Our ability to play well against N.C. State, hopefully, will give us some confidence going into the Florida State game."
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"That's a formula for disaster."
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"There's no question it's a different approach. Any dreams we have of the NCAA Tournament are totally dependent on what we do in Greensboro. We're cognizant of that, and there's no question the approach is 180 degrees different."
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"He gives the other players courage."
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"They beat us handily both times we played this season. They have a Hall of Fame coach and two of the premier players in our conference. They have a stupendous record in this tournament. We hope we honor them by playing to our potential."
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"Joe Dukes, our freshman, has yet to play a college basketball game, so he'll have to learn on the job. It's very difficult league for on-the-job training."
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"Coach [John] Wooden used seven players at UCLA. Coach [Denny] Crum used to say, 'The more moving parts you have, the greater the chance you have for a breakdown.' I think there's a lot of veracity to that."
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"We know Williams is effective, but the other team knows that, too. They had the Red Army down there on him, and our other guys have to make plays as well."
"You guys saw the game, they were guarding him with, like, four guys. They had the Red Army down there on him but our other guys have to make plays as well."
"They're a great free-throw shooting team. One of our goals was to try to keep them out of the 1 and 1 early. We didn't do that."
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"When you get one and they get two shots, it's really hard to win."
"We're not very happy with our record in the league."
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"We talk a lot of times about executing your way out of trouble instead of shooting your way out of trouble. We had some guys make some outstanding individual plays."
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"I think the foul trouble with Johnson helped a little bit, but our guys did an excellent job against Thornton. He's an excellent player."
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"It's up to me to coach him to maximize his talents and to reach his full potential. He's a young man who tries very hard. My goal is to continue to try to coach him to be more productive as he played."
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"I think it's a role that's fluid, to be determined as practice ensues,"
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