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45 Tom Izzo quotes:

"He might be only the second kid (after Jason Richardson) I would advise to do that, just because, that way, there'd be no questions unanswered."
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"He has that ability to raise a crowd off its feet. He's done a good job for them bringing that alone. ... You always have to be a little more concerned about a lob they might throw into the rafters that he can go get. That makes it more difficult."
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"No doubt our guards struggled. We made some big plays, and then we made some not-so-smart plays. It was a shame, because Paul Davis had two of the best practices of his life, and he just struggled tonight to even catch the ball."
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"You try to make excuses that are real."
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"I was very disappointed in our execution and some of our guard play. Maybe we were a little fatigued. We were short on a lot of shots."
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"It took courage for these kids coming off something like that. If you could have seen how people were tightening up after Saturday's game. It's scary."
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"Sometimes, these jobs deal with emotion. I just wanted to make sure he didn't do that."
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"The NCAA wants you to make sure nobody's fighting, and then they don't want you breaking it up. My assistant doesn't deserve any of the blame for that; I do. I didn't appreciate the double-technical because I didn't think that was deserved."
"Those two guys are going to have to learn under fire."
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"I think there was a little self-doubt. But I thought we made a commitment that we're going to try to play and leave it on the floor."
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"He's got the skills to handle the ball, but he needs to get stronger to play at the college level, and he'll do that."
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"When the players want to win more than the coach, that's a great sign, and I see that."
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"I think he's really improved his three-point shooting and just his awareness of the game. I'd say he is one of the more improved players I've seen in this league."
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"We really didn't shoot very well. We just missed. In that first half, we were just throwing balls at the basket."
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"We're going to get back in the weight room to work on toughness and character. I promise we'll be tougher and I promise we'll get this program back to where we all want it."
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"Before Christmas I thought he was hitting a little bit of a wall, but after Christmas I thought he really started to understand things a little bit better and run things a little bit better. And his shot is getting a little bit better."
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"It was like Santa's elves working on Christmas day."
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"This is the greatest time of the year. For nine, 10 years, we've gotten better over Christmas."
Author: Izzo Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"I'm expecting big things out of this class. They have paid their dues. I would like to send them off the right way."
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"It's the class of the class, and that's what you want to be associated with."
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