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"This is the greatest time of the year. For nine, 10 years, we've gotten better over Christmas."
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"I'm expecting big things out of this class. They have paid their dues. I would like to send them off the right way."
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"I think there was a little self-doubt. But I thought we made a commitment that we're going to try to play and leave it on the floor."
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"He might be only the second kid (after Jason Richardson) I would advise to do that, just because, that way, there'd be no questions unanswered."
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"The NCAA wants you to make sure nobody's fighting, and then they don't want you breaking it up. My assistant doesn't deserve any of the blame for that; I do. I didn't appreciate the double-technical because I didn't think that was deserved."
"You try to make excuses that are real."
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"I was very disappointed in our execution and some of our guard play. Maybe we were a little fatigued. We were short on a lot of shots."
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"I thought about bringing out the accordion and giving them the Lawrence Welk special. At times with this group, I didn't know what to do with them."
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"Their guys have made significant improvement. That's a sign that they are being well coached."
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"We played well in spurts and I thought we hurt them with our transition game. We weren't rebounding well enough to get any breaks going in the first half. Rebounding is our Achilles' heel right now."
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"It was pretty good after the game ? swelled up a hair. We didn't practice yesterday just for that reason."
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"This was a strange game. I was as happy as 10 men to only be down only four at halftime."
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"I'm not a big believer that the NCAA goes totally on strength of schedule and things like that, so I think you still have to have wins."
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"I feel all of the responsibility for that. I did not get as much out of these guys as they had to give."
"The really sad part is, I thought this team had enough talent to go a long way. We had three really good players, but we just didn't have enough depth and we were never as consistent or tough as we needed to be."
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"In our losses to Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, we've had serious foul trouble at key times. Maybe we've had leads or were playing good, but it changed the complexion of the game."
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"He has that ability to raise a crowd off its feet. He's done a good job for them bringing that alone. ... You always have to be a little more concerned about a lob they might throw into the rafters that he can go get. That makes it more difficult."
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"I think he's really improved his three-point shooting and just his awareness of the game. I'd say he is one of the more improved players I've seen in this league."
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"He's got the skills to handle the ball, but he needs to get stronger to play at the college level, and he'll do that."
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"It's the class of the class, and that's what you want to be associated with."
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