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4 Richard Hyman quotes:

"If you have the right offer at the right price, you can enjoy the luxury of pricing integrity. If you are a bit weaker but ahead of the game, you can use some good promotions. But if you're really struggling, you are probably going to have to go on sale, and that's really going to affect your margins."
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"Any idiot can amass intelligence. It is being able to leverage that knowledge. They are good at that."
"We have been living in a disposable culture for a long time now, almost by default rather than by design, because it was too difficult to go to things like car boot sales or we weren't in the vicinity of them. Ebay makes all of that easy."
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"You're not buying someone else's relationships. OK, so if you [do] buy you get a store network and staff but they've all been used to operating in a certain way. This way is baggage free."

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