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"He is definitely tapping into a younger age base. Some of his peers have been building for 30 years and they tend to attract an older client base. He's part of a new breed of bicycle frame builders that is interpreting the growing custom bicycle market with fresh designs such as the single speed and bike messenger styles."
"I've never seen anyone with the natural ability of Stanley and the vision Stanley has. The combination of the speed and power and ability to make any play a big play."
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"We have the expectation that we are going to run our best time this weekend. There's no reason not to be psyched up."
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"We can start using that building for special events on weekends and some of the upcoming holidays, maybe start a community orchestra or community choir."
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"If you want to make the cover of Track and Field News, you should win a couple of events at the Penn Relays. It's a preview of the NCAA meet to some degree. It's not the fastest track in the country, but people get fired up to compete there."
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"He hasn't given me any real hints. But I know BYU and Arizona State are both schools he's giving a lot of thought to."
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"We want to test ourselves, see the progress we've made against bodies other than the UB offense and get a feel for where we are, what we need to do, and take it into the season."
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"Music rounds out a student completely. We're trying to educate a whole person here; it carries over into their other academics, the discipline, the attention to detail and the focus."
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"And it works the other way, too. You can make mistakes, and the weather may rescue you."
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"We're paying the Russians $21 million an astronaut to go to the space station. We're called the only superpower, and yet we don't have space flight capability _ this is not the message to send to our young engineers and scientists."
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"My worry is that if we stand down the shuttles entirely and something drastic happens on the space station, like a debris strike, for instance, the Russian support ships won't be able to respond. You can't do repairs up there without a shuttle."
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