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29 Sophie Marceau quotes:

"I want to spread my curiosity and my abilities farther than my continent, because I think being an actress is something universal, ... And I want to have more choices."
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"And I think it's very rare to have good stories, well written comedies."
"And that's how the world, I think, imagines French women you know like very womanly and seducing men and that's how they like to imagine them."
"And that's how you have to be smart, is are you believable in this part or aren't you believable. And it has nothing to do with your talent."
"As you know it is a comedy so everything is a little bit pushed. That's what's funny about this kind of movie is you can laugh about the absurdity, and the bad side of life."
"But the privileges that one has enjoyed and exploited can sometimes turn against you: nobody thinks of you as a director, you are always an actress."
"Even if I think in English, it's more a language of acting than French."
"Genre aside, I'd like to make a film about people."
"I find the subject of childhood fascinating. I explored this subject in Speak to me of love and I am curious about portraying the often painful transition into the adult world."
"I have been making films for the last 25 years and have played characters created and inspired by others, and I often enjoyed myself doing that."
"I just heard a very funny story about somebody who died yesterday, I'm sorry to say so but it was so absurd that you can't help laughing. And the person that was concerned about that story was laughing too."
"I think it's almost easier to make people cry than to make people laugh."
"I'm a good storyteller."
"It is personal, very honest, intimate, I would say, but sometimes the story, the anecdote, can be more or less mine - or not mine."
"Mel Gibson would not be a good James Bond."
"Oh, I'm not English, I cannot talk on behalf of an English person. I'm French. I can say about French. They are quite emotional, though, and they talk about their emotions."
"So, sometimes, when I'm not happy with my performance and I have to think, I will think in English."
"Sometimes you choose the wrong actor, he could be the best actor ever, but he's not cast in the right part then it doesn't work."
"There is no doubt that this film is autobiographical, but at the same time it also tries to portray an ordinary couple in a language that everyone can understand."
"To be honest I don't really know because I really didn't care when I was writing about mixing up reality with what was not reality."

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