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"[He described Hoskins, of Danielson, Conn., as] a quiet soldier who could be counted on to do his duty. ... who always wanted to be where the action was."
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"They aren't your typical customers,"
Author: Vaughn Quotes Category: Customers Quotes
"When starting out, you should find a place where you can trust the information and you're comfortable. Then, if you have questions, you can always go back. When you start dealing with a lot of places, you get a lot of different opinions."
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"For beginners, I suggest trying freshwater first. The maintenance is basically the same. What differs is the cost of the fish. Freshwater fish start around 25 cents apiece, but saltwater are more like $5."
Author: Vaughn Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"I figured the worst they could do is tell me that there aren't any mistakes on my taxes, and that alone would have been a comforting thought. But they ended up recovering almost $10,000 in overpaid taxes for me."
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"We work closely with customers on what they can and cannot put together. You have to properly match them. Some fish just can't live with others."
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