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"Andy on occasion has described his elbow as cranky, ... He's probably going to feel that the rest of the year. That's what happens when you have surgery. But I don't think it's anything more than normal."
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"It's nice to not have to worry about that spot. Catching is the hardest thing to find quality. You look at clubs tying up their catchers -- the Reds with [Jason] LaRue, us with Ausmus -- clubs are trying to hold onto those guys. They're quality guys and they're dependable."
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"We have a range on the value scale where Carlos fits in the market and where he fits in our budget, ... We can't get swept about by what someone else might do."
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"I think it got him on the inside of his leg. I guess if we didn't have challenges, we wouldn't have jobs."
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"The health is not an issue. It's the willingness of Roger to play, and we just don't know that. To tie up resources for that long of a period of time would really hurt our ability to move forward."
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"There's nobody giving up. Nobody is hanging their head. Nobody is saying, 'We were this close to the World Series,'"
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"He hasn't shown it at the major-league level, but obviously this spring he showed a lot of power,"
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"There's absolute pride in what we've been able to accomplish,"
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"That's my understanding, that he's going to be there."
"Reid was on a walkie-talkie and says, 'Hey, Dad, Tim says that Roy's going back to Kissimmee tomorrow,' ... You hear silence and then you hear Nolan, 'Sounds like I need to make a phone call?' Then I made the phone call and told Gerry, and he said, 'Well, you can't send him back down there.'"
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"The player has an idea how he feels, and the doctors tell us their feedback. This is the only objective way you can measure things like arm speed and different angles on his arm. It should be interesting to hear what Dr. Andrews has to say."
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"It's heroic, ... He understands the meaning of duty. His mother taught him about duty."
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"He and I had a conversation in January, when we had some workouts going on. I said, 'You're going to play, and get a chance to play every day here.' We just had a conversation and he told me that made him feel so good."
"It's a way to remember him and honor him for all he did for Enos."
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"Even in our darkest days we talked about the fact these are players who have talent. The veteran pitching has kept us going. It's been phenomenal."
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"I think what has changed is that technology has given you so many more resources to work with. There's just been such an explosion of data. That's made everybody's lives easier."
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