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"Despite rising fuel prices, devastating weather events and a difficult market environment, Chrysler Group products continued to deliver quarterly gains in market share, retail sales and shipments."
"It is a great honor to be inducted into the Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame. When you honor me with this distinction, you really honor the players who put me there. All of the honors I receive became a reality only through the contributions of my players. In addition to myself, you also honor my family and the Dodger organization. I accept this recognition with pride and gratitude."
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"If those of us in positions of leadership do our jobs to make and keep our companies competitive; and if all of us demand that our elected officials do their part to enact and enforce policies that will level the playing field, there's no doubt in my mind that we can achieve the competitiveness of Japan, or the improved energy self-sufficiency of Brazil."
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"The Japanese Central Bank intervenes in currency markets to keep the yen cheap and to create an advantage for its industry. Why doesn't our government do the same for us?"
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"Unfortunately, too many of these vehicles have been -- or will be -- running on pure gasoline due to the lack of a fuel infrastructure. But we know that flex-fuels can work, when industry and government get behind them and encourage infrastructure development."
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"A significant part of the solution to our energy, environment and national security issues can be homegrown."
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"It's an absolute force to be reckoned with at the end of this decade or early next decade."
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"As a supplier, an ability to operate in multiple geographic locations simultaneously is a competitive edge."
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