Ray Lane Quotes

5 Ray Lane quotes:

"The customers just aren't happy with this industry and are unhappy with what they're seeing in products and unhappy with what they're seeing in services and the industry's understanding of their business."
Author: Lane Quotes Category: Customers Quotes
"If we are able to have just one person get information from this center that buys them time, then it is worth it."
Author: Lane Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"He had integrity, more integrity than most anyone I know. Whatever he told you, you could take to the bank."
Author: Lane Quotes Category: Integrity Quotes
"We're seeing a lot of Fortune 200 companies that are coming to Silicon Valley looking to find innovative companies."
Author: Lane Quotes Category: Fortune Quotes
"It's difficult to go from a product mindset, where you are selling just the software, to a service mindset, where you need to provide a service 24/7."
Author: Lane Quotes Category: Service Quotes

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