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"We had it all set up. It was a matter of getting the call. My eyes lit up when they sent the play in. I didn't want to give it away."
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"When we called it, my eyes lit up and I had to try to not give it away."
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"When they called it tonight, my eyes lit up, and I had to try not to give it away. Ben made a great block on the backside, and I had Hines running free. I knew it was going to be a score."
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"No, they aren't. My mom and dad are the same way I am because they taught me. They told me that it is something that you have to pray about because you don't know what place is for you. Any other questions that come out about free-agent stuff, we are going to have to leave alone because this is more so about the team right now, and that is the focus."
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"He'll be doing some big things for [the Dolphins]. I know he's got the talent down there to get it done. It means a whole lot to see him get back with someone after things didn't work out in Buffalo. There were some inside things that he didn't like, and we understand because he's not a quitter by any means."
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