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"I think it's important to play. No. 1, that's what my dad would want me to do, just like last week he would have wanted me to play. It would be good for my family to try to get back to some normalcy and hopefully provide a little bit of escape while the game's going on for all of them."
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"He ran such a good route, that when the back fell down I was just trying to put it on him so he could make a play. When a guy runs a route that well and fools a defense so well, it's nice to see."
"He was asking questions of everybody to see what everybody thought, what everybody's attitude was, ... No matter how that play ended up, that's where you have to send a message on a football team and I think that was great on his part to have the confidence in us."
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"We weren't really happy about it. But we did our job. We focused, and we have to be happy about that. The team took a positive approach."
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"That's going to be a great test for both sides, ... We take a lot of pride in our run game and they take a lot of pride in their run defense. So that's going to be kind of a marquee matchup in terms of how this game goes."
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