Rajeev Dhawan Quotes

5 Rajeev Dhawan quotes:

"New Orleans is an economic disaster. This tragedy is so unprecedented people could be out of work for three, six, nine months or longer."
Author: Dhawan Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"The only problem would be if Bush picked someone who is a crony or doesn't have experience."
Author: Dhawan Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"India cannot be inhuman to send back people who are persecuted or whose lives are in danger in their own countries. Currently, it's a cumbersome, ad-hoc process which does not expeditiously verify the status of refugees."
Author: Dhawan Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"If the economy recovers quickly, the 10-year rate could be 5.2 percent even earlier than what they're projecting, and it could be 6 percent in the coming years."
"From that perspective, Miller looks like a good chairman. But he was basically fired."
Author: Dhawan Quotes Category: Perspective Quotes

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