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Tom Osborne Quotes

7 Tom Osborne quotes:

"Each individual may decide if it is an advantage to be in a plan, ... It is a voluntary program."
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"This is information that seniors need to have and understand, ... The Medicare prescription bill was a contentious one in Congress. The average person on Medicare will see a savings of 50 percent in prescription drug costs with this program."
Author: Osborne Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"I have told these kids that they could be the best senior class that we have ever had, ... All five are going to be great contributors and solid leaders. And they want to make sure they are having fun. They know how much they are depending on these juniors and sophomores and freshmen."
Author: Osborne Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"Rarely do you have everything come together, a good supporting class and that key quarterback there for three years. Anytime you break in a quarterback, no matter, how talented it's hard to go out and win every game."
Author: Osborne Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"That delay helped us. We had a couple of guys who were ready to fall out from the heat. We went inside and watched 'Hoosiers' for for about 30 minutes, and told the kids to just get relaxed. We fed them some fruit and peanut butter, and then came back out and played well."
Author: Osborne Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"One of the goals we have set for this year is that we never want to get beat by seven points or less, ... That might sound funny, but if you look at last year's results, we lost three games by seven or less. We could have gone into the tournament with five wins instead of two wins, and then that confidence would have been there. So there are opportunities to improve our record dramatically by winning the close games."
Author: Osborne Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"I think we have a lot of confidence, and I think we've got a lot of athletic ability. We have put in more offense in a week and a day than we ran all of last season. We had 14 seniors last year, but seven of those were first-year players. So now, most of our kids have been in the system at least a year, with some having two or three years' experience."
Author: Osborne Quotes Category: Ability Quotes

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