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"He nailed the big one. We believe we have the goaltending that can seal the deal."
"If there is an advantage to be gained by this, it's that we think we can beat this team. We feel like we can come in here and win, that's an important feeling to have as a hockey club. You've got to be really feeling strongly about yourself and your ability to beat anybody any night."
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"Overmatched? I doubt it. I just thought we had a strong game. We took advantage of some things that were presented to us and I thought we were as good as we've been defensively all year."
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"I thought he showed a lot of courage tonight. I thought he protected the puck as best he could and could make plays only he could make. He wasn't able to manufacture much offensively off the shot. He played to the best of his ability and it was important to have him in the lineup and in our dressing room."
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"All the cliches fit. It's a very valuable time for us if we get through this adversity, because it's going to galvanize our group and define our organization moving forward."
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"He inspires players to go above their abilities. We play off his leadership."
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"In the nature of the game, things have a way of balancing out. We've got some pretty good shooters, we've got guys who can score in the shootouts. That's just the way it goes. I think we have to be real careful we don't analyze ourselves to a standstill."
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"We're a work in progress and we're scrambling and scratching and clawing to kind of be what we were so proud to be earlier. And we're close. We're getting there sort of in fits and starts. But it's a matter of settling down, calming down and believing in everything that we're capable of doing within our system and we'll be fine."
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"The difference-maker tonight. The strength of the man, his ability to get around the defense and get it to the net and put it away is just unbelievable."
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"If he can elevate to the point where we have no choice, then it's possible. If he comes in and does an admirable job, then probably not."
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"There's no benefit-of-a-doubt stuff in the playoffs. You're in the big parade now and you have to participate. If we give ourselves a chance to play five-on-five hockey, then who knows?"
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"We had a very professional conversation. It was not any kind of confrontation, it was just sharing thoughts."
"It's terrific, it's great for this group of players and for the organization that rolled the dice with this philosophy. There's a sense of accomplishment that we've secured a spot."
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"It's beyond belief. You sort of equate that with the drought with the Stanley Cup and I guess it adds up but it's almost unbelievable."
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"It's a reference point, that's probably the biggest advantage we created for ourselves out of tonight. We did come from behind to beat a real good hockey team and we have to use that for what it's worth."
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"Our intention is that every time we go on the ice we have a purpose, and there is a level of performance that is acceptable and one that isn't. Sometimes we help them understand what acceptable is. Today was no problem. They worked hard."
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"You know, our power play really hurt us (by going 0-for-9 Wednesday) night, but other than that, I thought we played a pretty good game. Tonight, I thought we played a more complete game."
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"It's cheating. It's trying to make the 60-foot pass and not collaborating on anything that has to be done."
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"We have to stay out of the penalty box. Five-on-five, if there's a team that has the advantage it may be us. We have to be patient and avoid frustration."
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"We're sort of playing a hunch as much as anything. He's played New Jersey well, and our last good game of hockey was here against them with Kevin in goal, so I don't think that is unreasonable at all."
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