Adam Mendelsohn Quotes

6 Adam Mendelsohn quotes:

"Look at where the state's economy was when he took office and where it is today after just 2 1/2 years. It's a very big accomplishment and an issue we want to build on."
"This is a governor who repealed the car tax, passed workers compensation reform and continues to pay down debt."
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"The governor has an ambitious agenda and a lot of exciting ideas. It's important that he communicate those ideas with the people of California directly in a substantive manner."
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"We're seeing a shift in the federal government's understanding of the gravity of the situation facing California. The governor's forcing all parties to take responsibility to ensure California does not have its own version of Katrina."
"In just a few days, he met with the secretary of Homeland Security, the chief of staff to the White House and the most influential congressional members on this particular issue. He continued pushing the agenda and leading on this very critical issue."
"The governor has met repeatedly with all the legislative leaders on this issue."

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