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Agost Benard Quotes

10 Agost Benard quotes:

"We have yet to see how the law is going to be implemented, how much revenues would it generate and how these additional collections would be spent."
Author: Benard Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"A resumption of full-scale hostilities could have negative implications for the country's already stressed fiscal and debt position, and likely impair its previously adequate level of external balances."
Author: Benard Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"If you look at the state of the value-added-tax, it has been subject to a lot of delays and setbacks, so we won't know if it will be implemented until it happens,"
Author: Benard Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"In light of the bank's public policy role and the track record of strong support from the Indian government, Standard & Poor's equalizes its ratings on India EXIM with those on the sovereign."
Author: Benard Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"The government will respond in a more prompt and appropriate way. They will be in a better position to handle whatever shock may come their way."
Author: Benard Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"have tended to be slow, reactive, and incremental over the past year."
Author: Benard Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Sharp declines in the government?s external debt indicators and structural improvements that, over time, should help Pakistan?s export capacity motivated the change in outlook for the foreign currency rating."
Author: Benard Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"The ratings on Sri Lanka are vulnerable due to the country's high government debt and ongoing large fiscal deficits."
Author: Benard Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"In a rapidly evolving environment such as that which we are facing in the global energy markets, the inability to craft and implement appropriate policy measures leaves fiscal and external balances exposed. This could ultimately threaten to undo the macroeconomic stability achieved in recent years."
Author: Benard Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"The outlook could revert to stable if substantial and tangible progress is achieved in maintaining the official cease- fire."
Author: Benard Quotes Category: Fire Quotes

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