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"The global response to AIDS has gained real momentum in the past decade, so much so that for the first time we can hope to get ahead of the epidemic."
Author: Piot Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"AIDS continues to tear apart families and communities, leaving behind 15 million orphans and robbing countries of their future."
Author: Piot Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"The reality is that the AIDS epidemic continues to outstrip the global and national efforts to contain it,"
Author: Piot Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"We are facing here a crisis that is unprecedented."
Author: Piot Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We are on very thin ice here. AIDS has made a mess of Africa's health care systems, and none of the factors that created the AIDS disaster have gone away. But with bird flu, we could be looking at things getting worse in a matter of months, not decades."
Author: Piot Quotes Category: Health Quotes

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