Steve Carter Quotes

4 Steve Carter quotes:

"I wouldn't recommend they try to make more money with a second job, since living paycheck-to-paycheck is already stressful, and they have a young child. Instead, they'll need to reduce their expenses as much as they can."
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"At Iowa State alone, there is a tremendous range of activity...of research that's going on that at some point in the future will produce opportunities in Ames, in Boone and in the state of Iowa. To realize that potential it's going to take partnerships. It's going to take enlightened communities like yours to realize the kinds of investments that are necessary."
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Unless they have more cash on hand, a bigger house plus credit card and auto debt could take them under,"
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"It appears to be a tremendous way for us to encourage more technology transfer activity in the university."
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Technology Quotes

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