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"Women can be as strong as men and we've got good examples throughout this world of strong women who have brought equal competence, strength and courage to everything that they do, in the UK, Pakistan, India, ... Iron Lady."
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"I am going to be a leader and a president who happens to be a woman. But I am glad to be a woman because I think I will bring an extra dimension to the task."
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"I hope young girls will now see me as a role model that will inspire them, ... I certainly hope more and more of them will be better off, women in Liberia, women in Africa, I hope even women in the world."
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"Women, don't sit there! Do something positive together with men!"
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"If you're competing with men as a professional, you have to be better than they are ... and make sure you get their respect as an equal, ... It's been hard. Even when you gain their acceptance, it's in a male-dominated way. They say, 'Oh, now she's one of the boys."
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"Some of the other candidates (have) foreign experience, (but) may lack the ability to be a healer,"
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"We have to first secure the peace, we have to make our nation secure, people must feel safe and confident, ... That means we have to address the issue of young people particularly, the war-affected youths ? both ex-combatants as well as the victims."
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"We know expectations are going to be high. The Liberian people have voted for their confidence in my ability to deliver ... very quickly,"
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Ability Quotes

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