Hank McKinnell Quotes

5 Hank McKinnell quotes:

"It looks like a combination of raising HDL and lowering LDL cholesterol could have dramatic impact, maybe eliminating cardiovascular risk,"
Author: McKinnell Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"This is a normal part of our planning cycle,"
Author: McKinnell Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"There has to be a balanced approach, which first satisfies our need for security and at the same time makes sure we allow reasonable access to foreign investors to the United States."
Author: McKinnell Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"The fact that half of our companies are planning to increase spending on plants, equipment and technology bodes well for economic growth."
Author: McKinnell Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"In each of the three areas of this survey -- sales, capital spending and employment -- more companies still anticipate expansion rather than contraction. Capital expenditure plans continue to reflect steady gains, and employment predictions by the nation's leading companies are near their all-time high."
Author: McKinnell Quotes Category: Sales Quotes

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