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"Any sovereign government needs the ability to control their borders. So the role of the (Iraqi) border-control security forces is one that is vital to the overall security of the country."
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"There's no doubt that there has been a very porous border in the west (with Syria), and military operations have focussed on that over the past year."
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"We don't want to take unnecessary risk. We do make sure that when we exercise military force we use the right resources, sufficient to get the job done. It is a decision made by the commander on the ground,"
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"It's a cause that is worth fighting, it's a noble and historic cause, ... And it's one in which our troops understand the importance of the mission. While these personal sacrifices are tremendous, the consequences of not acting for freedom and for liberty are certainly far greater."
"If you look at what we've done to date, we've nearly doubled our investments in chemical and biological defenses. We've implemented any number of important organizational changes to address the challenges that are posed by WMD more effectively."
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"He has breakfast with members of Congress all the time. Senator Lieberman just returned from Iraq and he had some interesting observations. And he's been very outspoken about what he's seen and the progress that he thinks is being made there."
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"Being able to control one's borders is an important aspect of sovereignty."
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"This directive provides the overarching Department of Defense policy that mandates humane treatment of detainees."
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"Countering WMD has been a priority for the department in terms of making sure that our future forces are organized, trained, equipped and resourced to deal with all aspects of threats that are posed by WMD."
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"It shouldn't surprise anybody that a deployed soldier would rather be at home than deployed, even when they believe what they are doing is important and vital work."
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"Interpol is a law enforcement-type organization. Clearly, the United States government works in a collaborative way with nations across the globe."
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"I don't have any specific information on these images."
"They reported back to the World Health Organization (WHO) that they had a possible positive."
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"As we've seen over the past many months, these individual cases (are) coming to trial and being disposed of in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice."
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"We agree with the assessment there has been enormous progress since the removal of the Saddam Hussein regime and significant challenges lie ahead, ... We might put into practice elements of the findings as appropriate."
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"As they take over responsibility for things there are still US forces in the region. US forces remain in supporting roles with the ability to offer a surge capability to Iraqi security forces."
"The department believes that the release of all of these images will further inflame and cause unnecessary violence in the world."
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"The department believes that a further release of images could only further inflame and possibly incite unnecessary violence in the world and would endanger our military men and women that are serving around the world."
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"It is the policy of the department to preserve life through lawful, clinical means."
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"For a security clearance, you have to go through any number of specific background investigative checks."
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