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Geoff Ogilvy Quotes

7 Geoff Ogilvy quotes:

"It plays long all the time. Even though the ball goes a long way here, it's still a long golf course."
Author: Ogilvy Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"I've never been one of four people on a golf course and was waiting."
Author: Ogilvy Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"I don't have anything good to say. World Golf Championships, I mean that suggests they're going to be played everywhere, and they tend to not be played in very many places."
Author: Ogilvy Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"You almost get yourself ready for defeat. I've been lucky to have a reprieve every time. There's someone on my side this week. I've played nicely, but I've dodged a few bullets."
Author: Ogilvy Quotes Category: Defeat Quotes
"I'm looking forward to the whole thing: Magnolia Lane, the golf course, the clubhouse, the Par 3 Contest, playing the 12th, playing the 16th . . . everything."
Author: Ogilvy Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"Purely from a golf standpoint, I've probably played better. But I got it done. I hit shots when I needed to hit them this week."
Author: Ogilvy Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"It's so funny that you're so affected by the previous shot so many times in match play. You wouldn't think we would be, but I know I am. That really turned it for me."
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