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Martin Meehan Quotes

4 Martin Meehan quotes:

"After overcoming every obstacle that the leadership could possibly construct, the House will vote on real campaign finance reform,"
Author: Meehan Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"The moment of truth has come,"
Author: Meehan Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"At a time when so much of the world questions our commitment to our own values, I urge my colleagues to show the American people and the world that we will defend our country but we will do so in a way that protect those rights that make it worth defending."
Author: Meehan Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"If you look at how much money we're spending in Iraq and the increase in the defense budget, surely a small portion of that could be used to take care of these kids coming back from Iraq,"
Author: Meehan Quotes Category: Defense Quotes

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