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11 Larry Coyer quotes:

"We'll put a guy in there who's a veteran player, and he's got some emotion too, now, on Tick (Burns). Everybody forgets that. Old Tick will do fine. He can get after it, now."
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"He?s a brilliant teacher and a great communicator. And he?s knowledgeable. He?s got the experience and knows how to teach each player, I think. That?s an art form."
Author: Coyer Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"The speed . . . changes from practice to the game. It's a whole different deal. And you've got to learn it's a fast game out there, and I think that's good for us. There's a focus there."
Author: Coyer Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"These guys are fighters. And anybody who doubts them is an idiot. They're tough. And I'm proud to be around them."
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"It's the opportunity of a lifetime, for all the young kids."
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"They've got two great running backs. They've got three great tight ends. They've got a great offensive line. Like any team, it starts right there. Then, you put the skill they've got behind that line, and it gets kind of scary."
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"You can trust him to do anything. And this isn't just an old guy that goes out there. He can play. He's physical. He's tough and he knows what we're doing. And the whole team respects him."
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"They are skilled, skilled players at tight end. They can hurt you. They're strong, and they can get away from you once they get the ball."
Author: Coyer Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"I don't have a magic answer. If you play cornerback in this league, they're going to get you once in a while."
Author: Coyer Quotes Category: Magic Quotes
"We have to research a lot of things to see what particular scheme (they will run)."
Author: Coyer Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"I think some of that's overblown. They're going to run their offense and we're going to play our defense. Sometimes, early, they might target a guy."
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