Brian Carr Quotes

5 Brian Carr quotes:

"The new competitive environment in light commercial vehicles has opened up a lot of opportunities for Mercedes-Benz sales in New Zealand. We are no longer considered a niche product. We are a viable option for businesses and contract drivers."
Author: Carr Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"I'm done. It's about time I spend more time with my family. I've given too much for this to continue to happen."
Author: Carr Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"There was too much standing around and not wanting to get down and play defense. But a win is a win, and you can't always look at the negatives."
Author: Carr Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"I ripped some girls at halftime and challenged them, and they stepped up and did the job tonight. She looked me in the eye and said, 'I'll get the job done,' and I think she did a good job on Whitney Lindsay in the second half."
Author: Carr Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"It didn't used to work very well because it was so heavily regulated by the government."
Author: Carr Quotes Category: Government Quotes

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