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50 John Ashcroft quotes:

"Tragically, this decision of the court to reverse Congress' prohibition of 'virtual' child pornography has left law enforcement at an extreme disadvantage in the campaign against all child pornography,"
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"The pending hate crime legislation in Congress is under review in the Justice Department at this time, ... We're inclined to prosecute hate crimes like this one."
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"I think Congress will give him a courteous response. I think we are interested in the future. It would be a tragedy if we were displaced from doing our duty because the president is embroiled in this kind of circumstance,"
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"was made possible by the cooperation and help of Swiss authorities."
"We have no desire whatsoever to in any way erode or undermine constitutional liberties,"
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"From the outset the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federal authorities have provided virtually all the resources that would be necessary and appropriate and could be used effectively,"
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"missed the opportunity last night to rebuild his moral authority and regain his credibility."
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"jihad and the martyrdom style as the only choice for liberation."
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"The defendants effectively rewarded past -- and encouraged future -- suicide bombings,"
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"This is not a situation where the Taliban sits in ignorance and says, 'We've got him but we think he's innocent.' This is a time for them to say, 'Yes, we'll deliver him to you, and yes, we'll deliver his network, and we'll make it available, and we'll expose it,'"
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"We need to find ways to share as much information with individuals as is possible to make every American, whether they are in an industry or business or in law enforcement or in their families, capable of enhancing their security by being aware and alert,"
"protect the integrity of the system of justice."
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"President-elect Bush, you have my word that I will administer the Department of Justice with integrity, I will advise your administration with integrity, and I will enforce the law with integrity, ... embraces the job without any reservation."
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"We share his family's grief and will provide any support and assistance to help them through this difficult time. All appropriate resources will be dedicated to investigating this matter."
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"I look upon the position of attorney general with an awesome sense of responsibility, ... If I am confirmed, on my shoulders will rest the responsibility of upholding American justice ... protection of the weak, freedom for the restrained, liberty to the oppressed, and security to every citizen."
"I regret to inform you that we are today sending our troops into the modern field of battle with antique weapons. It is not a prescription for victory,"
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"grotesque transgressions of the public trust."
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"I believe that we are operating appropriately and effectively in the current setting, ... We know of no additional value that can be brought to the investigation that we are not providing."
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"Frankly, I think we need to be careful and we need to understand that there is a risk, ... Larry King Live."
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"The Department of Justice will continue to use every available resource to prosecute child pornography cases,"
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